July 10, 2014-

Librarians Barbara Alvarez and Gwyneth Stupar taught a class on July 9th called Build Your Website with Weebly. If you missed the class, you can download the handout with detailed instructions here. If you have any questions while you're getting started with your website or at any step in the process, feel free to get in touch with Barbara or Gwyn at any time.

Weebly does not require computer programming knowledge. If you would like to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and other coding languages, you can always take free, self-paced lessons with Atomic Training, Barrington Area Library's free computer training database. To access remotely, go to www.balibrary.org, click on the Research tab, choose "Business, Careers, Technology", and select Atomic Training. Enter your library card number and choose from a variety of classes.