South side of Miller Road at Indian Trail Road, west of Lake Zurich. Ela Township, Lake County, Illinois. Abandoned cemetery on private property.


Read by Arnett C. Lines, date unknown.
Transcribed by Cathy Trawinski, 1999.

Kassuady, Fanny K., Died, 11/26/1840. Age, 22 yrs., 3 mo. Dau. Of A.E. Wilson

Kassuady, John, Died, 2/26/1865. Age, 2 yr., 6 mo. Son of D & F. Kassuady.

Boot, William, Died, 5/8/1852. Age, 46 yrs. Stone by Hamilton of Richmond, Ill.

A broken stone showed 6/26/1863. Age, 68 yrs., 6 mo., 3 d. His labors are at rest. Foot marker says "RB."

Wilson, Andrew, Died, 10/1843. Age, 26 yr.

Kehr, Geo., Died, 7/9/1863. Age, 67 yr.

John T., Died, 9/18/1853. Age, 3 yr., 2 mo., 6 d. Son of J. & S. Briden.

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