Corner of Dundee Road (Route 68) and Ela Road, 1/4 mile west of Route 14, Inverness. Palatine Township, Cook County, Illinois. There is no sign at the entrance and the gate is unlocked. Owned and maintained by Salem United Methodist Church, 115 W. Lincoln, Barrington, IL 60010, (847)381-0524.


Transcription, Michelle Safirstein, July, 2004

Benson, Fred
Benson, Julia
Benson, Leah J. Saveley
Benson, Mabel
Benson, Pearl H.
Cofer, James Carl
Elfrink, Adalaide
Elfrink, Bernhard
Elfrink, Caroline
Elfrink Garret H.
Elfrink, Henry J.
Elfrink, John J.
Elfrink, Lambert
Elfrink, Lydia
Elfrink, Mary Wilmer
Elfrink, Willie
Gieske, Alvin
Gieske, B.H.
Gieske, Reika
Gieske, C.
Gieske, Henry
Gieske, Johann
Helfvogt, Beatrice G.
Helfvogt, Harry C.
Helfvogt, Robert
Helfvogt, Dolores
Hollingsworth, Shirley Listhartke
Kampert, Charlie
Kruger, William
Ladd, Grace May
Landwer, Adelheit Louise
Listhartkey, Caroline
Listhartkey, Riecka
Listhartke, Benjamin L.
Listhartke, Ella M.
Listhartke, Henry J.
Listhartke, Infant
Listhartke, John
Listhartke, Lambert
Listhartke, Mena Miller
Listhartke, Lewis F.
Listhartke, Lydia M.
Listhartke, Maria Adelheid
Listhartke, Milo A.
Listhartke, Minnie A.
Meiners, Elizabeth
Meiners, Charlotte
Meiners, Lambert
Miller, Charley H.
Miller, Henry
Plagge, Doretta
Plagge, Maria
Rieger, Dorothea
Rieger, P.
Rieke, Arnt
Roloff, Carl
Roloff, Emma
Schroeder, Luella S.
Schroeder, Willie L.
Schulz, Mary D.
Sempf, August
Spottswood, Julian Otteson
Tegmeir, Willie G.
Ternant, Johann
Unknown "M.E."
Weseman, Dietrich
Wilmer, Harrison D.
Wilmer, Lambert
Wiseman, Esther
Wiseman, Fred
Wiseman, Hannah
Wolthausen, Amelia D.
Wolthausen, August
Wolthausen, Bertha
Wolthausen, Caroline E.
Wolthausen, Friedericka

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