South side of Dundee Road, 1/4 mile west of Pfingsten Road, corner of Landwher and Dundee. Northfield Township, Cook County, Illinois.


Partial transcription, Arnett C. Lines, August 25, 1964; Cathy Trawinski 1998
Another transcription, Northbrook Historical Society, (847)498-3404. Partial or complete listings for Aux Plains, Northfield Union, St. Peters, St. Mary at Techny, Sacred Heart, Northfield Oakwood, Russell at Techny, Emmanuel Lutheran (Glenview), St. John Lutheran, and Sunset Memorial cemeteries are also available.

Landwehr, Herman G., Born, 11/4/1829. Died, 11/27/1902.

Landwehr, Anna H., Born, 11/28/1839. Died, 3/12/1903.

Schermer, J. Christoph, Born, 1807. Died, 1861? (Northbrook's original name as I knew it was Schermerville).

Whitcomb, George H., Born, 7/12/1868. Died, 1/17/1928.

Whitcomb, Minnie H., Born, 2/28/1872. Died, 12/25/1950. Parents of Geo. Whitcomb of B.

Leslie R., Born, 1917. Died, 1952. Soldier marker. Brother t. George (of B.)

Huehl, Henry, Born, 1858. Died, 1932.

Wilhelmina, Born, 1865. Died, 19--.

Whitcomb, Irving, Born, 1905. Died, 1947. Soldier marker W.W. II. Brother to George (of B.)

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