Palatine, Illinois


Partial transcription, Arnett C. Lines, date unknown.

A few taken from Palatine Lutheran Cem.

Pahlman, G., Born, 12/20/1843. Died, 3/20/1929.

Pahlman, Salome, Born, 5/19/1853. Died, 1/19/1929.

Wente, John, Born, 1877. Died, 1940. Brother to Herman H of Barrington Market.

Wente, Lydia M., Born, 1882. Died, 19--.

Lytle, Pauline, Born, 1864. Died, 1913. Wife of C.W. Lytle. Buried on Fischer lot. 1st wf of Chas. Lytle who was bro (?) to Geo of B[arrington].

Gaare, Wilhelmina, Born, 1869. Died, 19--.

Gaare, Heinrich, Born, 1866. Died 1954.

Pahlman, Edwin, Born, 1890. Died, 1940.

Pahlman, E---, Born, 1891. Died 19--.

Freye, M. Sophia, Born, 6/16/1822. Died, 9/22/1898.

Freye, F., Born, 6/25/1823. Died, 12/9/1896.

Freeman, James W., Born, 1853. Died, 1928. Brother to Sarah Page T----.

Freeman, Mary, Born, 1850. Died, 1935. His wife.



Freeman, George, Born 1881. Died, 1930. Their son who married Laura D-----. Ran the old homeschool W of Ela Rd till 1926.

Godknecht, Hy, Born, 1843. Died, 1915.

Godknecht, Margaret, Born, 1856. Died, 1931. Father & mother of Adolph G. & Emma Hall.

Hall, Frank, Born, 1880. Died, 1944. Son-in-law (C&NW ---) & wf who was dau.

Hall, Emma E., Born, 1884. Died, 19--.

Grebe, Fred, Born, 1833. Died, 1913.

Segers, Dorthea, his wf, Born, 1845. Died, 1934.

Grebe, Otto, Born 1881. Died, 1905.

Reese, Henry C., Born, 1835. Died, 1913. Not related to B[arrington] families.

Reese, Engel, his wife, Born, 1837. Died, 1922.

Pohlman, Conrad, Born 1/31/1845. Died, 1/29/1930.

Pohlman, Sophia, his wife. Too dark to read dates.

Schrage, Henry, Born 6/24/1864. Died, 12/13/1941. Father of Sophie (-.C.) Reese.

Landwehr, Herman, Born 1876. Died, 1928.

Landwehr, Alma L., Born, 1909. Died, 1921.

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