Old Hicks Road and Aster Avenue, east of Rand Road (Route 12), behind Menard's near Knupper's, Palatine. Palatine Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Palatine Township, (847)358-6700.


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, April 3, 1963; Cathy Trawinski, 1999

Hirn, Wm., Born, 1853. Died, 1914.

Mary, Born, 1856. Died, 1946. His wife.

Hirn, Walter C., Born, 1881. Died, 1942. Son.

Willis, Born, 1877. Died, 1957. Son.

Ralph, Born, 1879. Died, 1881. Son of A.L. & J.E. Bennett.

Gainer, Hiram, Born, 1/1/1819. Died, 6/6/1897.

Fisher, Harriet C., Born, 3/7/1822. Died, 5/12/1899. Wife of Hiram Gainer.

Nancy, Died, 6/16/1854. Age, 54 yr., 8 mo. Wife of B. Archer.

Hall, Anna, Born, 1813. Died, 1890.

Sarah D., Died, 11/20/1847(?). Age 23 yr. Wife of Ephriam Barry.

Fleming, Wm., Died, 1849.

Sayles, Sarah A., Born, 1/26/1830. Died, 3/25/1889. Wife of D.B. Wood.

Sayles, Julia, Born, 2/19/1833. Died, 3/27/1891. Wife of R.W. Tracy.

Sayles, Nathaniel, Son of S. & S(?)

Hirn, August & Margaret

Cook, Walt, Died, 7/17/1858.

(Palatine History says also:)
Boynton, David, Died, 3/18/1854. Age 69.

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