East side of Barrington Road (Route 59), just south of Route 176, Wauconda. Wauconda Township, Lake County, Illinois. Maintained by the Wauconda Historic Cemetery Association.


Partial transcription, Arnett C. Lines, September 19, 1944; Cathy Trawinski, 1999

Research of a few taken from Wauconda Village Cemetery

Bennett, Robert, Born, 2/2/1801 (1 ?? says 1800). Died, 4/22/1890 at Elgin, Il. Born in Lenox/Berkshire Co., Mass. Lake Zurich farmer. Father of 10 children, Grandfather to Lowell & Robert. M. 10/24/1821. Came to Lake Co. in 1842. Was assr. Twp. Trust Co., School Director and J.P.

Kent, Sally L., his wife. Born, 9/16/1800. Died, 9/16/1880. Born in Remson, N.Y. M. in Cohocton, N.Y. ?F.L. Bennett on her 80th birthday.

Dunning, Frank C., Born, 1859. Died, 1933. Brother of Chas. ?? & Eliz. (S.). Peck

Harriet A., his wife. Born, 1862. Died, 1930. Was Hattie Parker.

Powers, Lyman, Born, 4/18/1802. Died, 5/28/1886. Grandfather of Lyman A. of B.

Powers, Mary, Born, 11/14/1803. Died, 2/10/1886. Grandmother of Lyman A. of B.

Dixon, Harvey J., Born, 1848. Died, 1928

Dixon, Clara E., Born, 1855. Died, 1939

Brooks, Wm., Born, 1830. Died, 1905

Brooks, Eliz., his wife. Born, 1838. Died, 1904

Pratt, Ebenezer, Died, 11/29/1861. Age, 84-7-21.

Houghton, Wilbur J., Died, 8/14/1891. Age, 36 yr. 3 mo.

Houghton, Plutarch, Died, 5/20/1852. Age, 81 yr.

Judidah, his wf. Died, 12/12/1805. Age, 92 yr.

Paola, son of Paschal & MaryAnn Houghton.

Houghton, Paschal, Died, 4/3/1890. Age, 89-9-9

Mary E., wife of Geo. E. Prouty. Born, 11/28/1846. Died, 4/30/1893

Prouty, Geo. E., Col. 52 Ill. Inf.

Gale, John A., Born, 1846. Died, 1917

Prouty, George P., Died, 8/7/1887. Age, 60 yr., 8 mo.

Brudense, his wife. Died, 11/11/1867. Age, 40-7-3

Reynoldson, John, Born, 10/12/1819. Died, 3/14/1903

Sam, son of D. & G. Flint. Died, 5/5/1881. Age, 50 yr. 11 mo.

Bangs, Justus, Here before his father & Bangs Lake named after him.

Bangs, Mark, Died, 11/5/1844. Age, 73 yrs. Father of Justus.

Bangs, Lydia, Died, 4/18/1846. Age, 74 yr.

Lake, Elisha, Born, 11/3/1801. Died, 7/28/1858

Lake, Bernice, Born, 1805. Died, 1886

Powers, G. F., Born, 1/17/1831. Died, 7/31/1890

Powers, Laura E., Born, 1/27/1834. Died, 10/11/1903

Bennett, Jay Wright, Born, 1/1/1846. Died, 10/16/1905. Co. F. 40th Wis. Inf.

Coggin, Ida Violet, his wife. Born, 2/20/1857. Died, 2/14/1915. Father and mother of Leslie, Sanford, Bah(?) & Lowell

Powers, Warren E., Born, 7/6/1836. Died, 12/2/1906. Co. B. 96 Ill. Vol. 1861-1865.

C. Maria. Born, 6/17/1835. Died, 6/11/1926

Willis H., Born, 1867. Died, 1940

Houghton, Plutarch, Born, 1832. Died, 1910

Houghton, Sabina, Born, 1839. Died, 1919

Wells, Cora S. & John H.

Toynton, Wm., Born, 1859. Died, 1931*

Lillie, his wife. Born, 1867. Died,l 1931?

Paddock, Albert E., Born, 1865-

Paddock, Josephine, Born, 1872. Died, 1940

Powers, Milton L., Born, 1853. Died, 1922

Ella C., Born, 1855. Died, 1928

Hayford, James H., Born, 1859. Died, 1939

Gossell, Wm. John









Bennett, Robert F., Born, 1807. Died, 1902. Brother to Jay W. Bennett & C.

Bennett, Ella L. Born, 1854. Died, 1874

Bennett, Wallace C., Died, 7/17/1882. Age, 52-7-9. Brother to Jay W. Bennett & C. Father of Mark.

Bennett, C. Lowell, Born, 1832. Died, 1915. Brother to Jay W. Bennett & C.

Bennett, Julia E., Wf. Of Dr. Chas. White. Dates? Sister to Jay W. Bennett & C. Mother of Larry C.

Bennett, John K., Born, 9/5/1824. Died, 12/20/1878. Brother to Jay-father of Wauford, Louis & Fred.

Bennett, Louise Lytle, Born, 3/11/1831. Died, 3/8/1903. Mother of W., Louis & Fred.

*Other sources suggest Toynton, William.
"Father", 1859-1928, Husband of Lillie.

Toynton, Lillie.
"Mother", 1867-1931, Wife of William.

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