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What's on right now in the Gallery?

Re-Mastered: the Greatest Hits of the Gallery in the Library

June - August 2014: In celebration of the Barrington Area Library's complete renovation, the Gallery in the Library has brought back select works by some of the most popular artists to exhibit here in the past. Stop in and enjoy paintings by Kathleen Eaton, Bruno Vanoudenhove, and Lou Taylor, along with photography by Barbara Pintozzi and former Gallery co-curators Kelly Stachura and Lisa Swarbrick!

History of the Gallery

Gallery in the Library

Created in 1979, the Gallery in the Library hosts up to six exhibits per year, each typically spanning two months. The space was reinvigorated in 2009 with the addition of two local curators, Lisa Swarbrick and Kelly Stachura, along with a committee of library staff and board members. In June 2014, with additional space, a new look, and the Walker Display system, the Gallery in the Library is once again presenting lively and thought-provoking works of art to library visitors. The Gallery is now curated by the Art Advisory Committee: Library Board Member Barbara Pintozzi, Public Information Manager Karen McBride, Assistant Librarian Sam Adams-Lanham and Assistant Librarian Ashley Brooke Sero. The Gallery in the Library is located throughout the first and second floors of the library and is open to the public.

Mission Statement

The Barrington Area Library's arts program expands the library's mission by stimulating imagination and fostering lifelong learning. The Committee's goal is to give local artists the opportunity to present new work in a public setting and encourages all artists in the Barrington area and surrounding communities to submit an application for consideration.