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beginning readers

How to find a good book

Let your child choose his or her own books. It's a great way to foster independence and a sense of responsibility. Your child may select a book to challenge his or her abilities or find a book he or she may read independently for a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Ask a librarian or visit the library's book suggestions page. We read many of our new titles and are always happy to make recommendations.

Ask a friend or teacher for book suggestions.

Find an author of a book your child likes and consider his or her other books.

Read books on real-life topics your child is interested in: animals, history, sports, crafts.

How to help your child learn to read

The most important thing you can do to foster reading, other than reading aloud to your children, is to let them see you reading for enjoyment and knowledge.

When you read with your child, take the role of the reading buddy instead of the reading teacher.

If your child struggles, ask him or her what word would make sense in the sentence, look for clues in the text and illustrations, or use letter-sound associations.

Recognize that reading about information is as legitimate as reading novels. Acknowledge this fact to your child when he or she follows written instructions for a hobby and reads a magazine or the sports page.

Continue to read to your children as they grow older. Children need to build their listening vocabularies in order to develop reading skills.
Encourage and support your child as he or she begins the journey to become a successful lifelong reader.

Books for Beginning Readers

Books for Newly Independent Readers

All About Reading Levels

Suggested Books for Parents

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