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Realistic Fiction

Lunch moneyLunch moneyAuthor: Clements, Andrew, 1949-get details/request copy
Secret identitySecret identityAuthor: Van Draanen, Wendelin.get details/request copy
Tales of a fourth grade nothingTales of a fourth grade nothingAuthor: Blume, Judy.get details/request copy
A crooked kind of perfectA crooked kind of perfectAuthor: Urban, Linda.get details/request copy
The goodbye timeThe goodbye timeAuthor: Conway, Celeste.get details/request copy
Granny Torrelli makes soupGranny Torrelli makes soupAuthor: Creech, Sharon.get details/request copy
Greetings from nowhereGreetings from nowhereAuthor: O'Connor, Barbara.get details/request copy
Every soul a star : a novelEvery soul a star : a novelAuthor: Mass, Wendy, 1967-get details/request copy
Phineas L. MacGuire... erupts! : the first experimentPhineas L. MacGuire... erupts! : the first experimentAuthor: Dowell, Frances O'Roark.get details/request copy
P.S. longer letter laterP.S. longer letter laterAuthor: Danziger, Paula, 1944-2004.get details/request copy
Bird Lake moonBird Lake moonAuthor: Henkes, Kevin.get details/request copy
My life as a fifth-grade comedianMy life as a fifth-grade comedianAuthor: Levy, Elizabeth.get details/request copy
Diary of a would-be princess : the journal of Jillian James, 5BDiary of a would-be princess : the journal of Jillian James, 5BAuthor: Green, Jessica.get details/request copy
Julia Gillian (and the quest for joy)Julia Gillian (and the quest for joy)Author: McGhee, Alison, 1960-get details/request copy
The brilliant fall of Gianna Z.The brilliant fall of Gianna Z.Author: Messner, Kate.get details/request copy
The year of the dog : a novelThe year of the dog : a novelAuthor: Lin, Grace.get details/request copy
The Aurora County All-StarsThe Aurora County All-StarsAuthor: Wiles, Deborah.get details/request copy
Moving dayMoving dayAuthor: Cabot, Meg.get details/request copy
Letters from campLetters from campAuthor: Klise, Kate.get details/request copy
The question of miraclesThe question of miraclesAuthor: Arnold, Elana K.,get details/request copy
The boys start the war ; The girls get evenThe boys start the war ; The girls get evenAuthor: Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. get details/request copy
Absolutely normal chaosAbsolutely normal chaosAuthor: Creech, Sharon get details/request copy

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