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Fun Reads

PoppletonPoppletonAuthor: Rylant, Cynthia.get details/request copy
A bad case of stripesA bad case of stripesAuthor: Shannon, David, 1959-get details/request copy
Good night, Good KnightGood night, Good KnightAuthor: Thomas, Shelley Mooreget details/request copy
Hi! Fly GuyHi! Fly GuyAuthor: Arnold, Tedd.get details/request copy
Duck! Rabbit!Duck! Rabbit!Author: Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.get details/request copy
Little Witch learns to readLittle Witch learns to readAuthor: Hautzig, Deborah.get details/request copy
Thank you, Amelia Bedelia.Thank you, Amelia Bedelia.Author: Parish, Peggy.get details/request copy
Its not easy being a bunnyIts not easy being a bunnyAuthor: Sadler, Marilyn.get details/request copy
Commander Toad and the voyage homeCommander Toad and the voyage homeAuthor: Yolen, Jane.get details/request copy
Cloudy with a chance of meatballsCloudy with a chance of meatballsAuthor: Barrett, Judi.get details/request copy
First graders from Mars. Episode 1 : Horuss horrible dayFirst graders from Mars. Episode 1 : Horuss horrible dayAuthor: Corey, Shanaget details/request copy
My lucky dayMy lucky dayAuthor: Kasza, Keiko.get details/request copy
The day Jimmys boa ate the washThe day Jimmys boa ate the washAuthor: Noble, Trinka Hakes.get details/request copy
Memoirs of a goldfishMemoirs of a goldfishAuthor: Scillian, Devin.get details/request copy
We are in a book!We are in a book!Author: Willems, Mo.get details/request copy

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