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Celebrate the Seasons: Summer

A couple of boys have the best week everA couple of boys have the best week everAuthor: Frazee, Marla.get details/request copy
Mama, is it summer yet?Mama, is it summer yet?Author: McClure, Nikki.get details/request copy
Summer wondersSummer wondersAuthor: Raczka, Bob.get details/request copy
Summer beatSummer beatAuthor: Franco, Betsy.get details/request copy
No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!Author: De Groat, Diane.get details/request copy
Summer is summerSummer is summerAuthor: Gershator, Phillis.get details/request copy
Mouses first summerMouses first summerAuthor: Thompson, Lauren.get details/request copy
Hot hot hotHot hot hotAuthor: Layton, Neal.get details/request copy
Last day, hooray!Last day, hooray!Author: Poydar, Nancy.get details/request copy
Happy Dog sizzles!Happy Dog sizzles!Author: Grubb, Lisa.get details/request copy
Its summer!Its summer!Author: Glaser, Linda.get details/request copy
Carls summer vacationCarls summer vacationAuthor: Day, Alexandra.get details/request copy
The night before summer vacationThe night before summer vacationAuthor: Wing, Natashaget details/request copy
How I spent my summer vacationHow I spent my summer vacationAuthor: Teague, Markget details/request copy
Four friends in summerFour friends in summerAuthor: DePaola, Tomie, 1934-get details/request copy
Elinor and Violet : two naughty chickens at the beachElinor and Violet : two naughty chickens at the beachAuthor: Murphy, Patti Beling.get details/request copy
Summer sun risinSummer sun risinAuthor: Nikola-Lisa, W.get details/request copy

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