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Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting GhostGhosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting GhostAuthor: Funke, Cornelia Caroline.get details/request copy
Bunnicula : a rabbit tale of mysteryBunnicula : a rabbit tale of mysteryAuthor: Howe, Deborah.get details/request copy
TrappedTrappedAuthor: Moloney, James, 1954-get details/request copy
Art to make you scaredArt to make you scaredAuthor: Newbery, Elizabeth.get details/request copy
The horribly haunted schoolThe horribly haunted schoolAuthor: Mahy, Margaret.get details/request copy
Little Wolfs haunted hall for small horrorsLittle Wolfs haunted hall for small horrorsAuthor: Whybrow, Ianget details/request copy
Beware! : R.L. Stine picks his favorite scary storiesBeware! : R.L. Stine picks his favorite scary storiesAuthor: get details/request copy
Spooky spinechillers : true ghost storiesSpooky spinechillers : true ghost storiesAuthor: Donkin, Andrew.get details/request copy
Spooky America : four real ghost storiesSpooky America : four real ghost storiesAuthor: Haskins, Lori.get details/request copy
The haunted hotelThe haunted hotelAuthor: Roy, Ron, 1940-get details/request copy
The ghost, the White House, and meThe ghost, the White House, and meAuthor: St. George, Judith, 1931-get details/request copy
The haunted toolshedThe haunted toolshedAuthor: Keane, David, 1965-get details/request copy
My teacher is an alienMy teacher is an alienAuthor: Coville, Bruce.get details/request copy
CoralineCoralineAuthor: Gaiman, Neil.get details/request copy
The dangerous alphabetThe dangerous alphabetAuthor: Gaiman, Neil.get details/request copy
The OntsThe OntsAuthor: Greenburg, Dan.get details/request copy
My uncle the werewolfMy uncle the werewolfAuthor: French, Jackie.get details/request copy
The wolves in the wallsThe wolves in the wallsAuthor: Gaiman, Neil.get details/request copy
Heckedy PegHeckedy PegAuthor: Wood, Audrey.get details/request copy
Vampires dont wear polka dotsVampires dont wear polka dotsAuthor: Dadey, Debbieget details/request copy

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