Having trouble finding speakers for your club or organization's weekly/monthly meetings? Invite a friendly, knowledgeable librarian to speak about any of the following topics.  To make arrangements, please contact Rose Faber, Head of Adult Services, rfaber@balibrary.org or 847-382-1300 x 3000.


Getting started with social media:

Facebook - Connect with your family and friends and with your community

Twitter - Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and get breaking news as it occurs

eBay - Buy and sell on this popular and lively marketplace

Pinterest - Collect and organize images and information you love

Skype - Chat/videochat with grandparents or business colleagues in far-flung locales

Have e-book, will travel:

Learn how to check out e-books and e-audiobooks from the library.

Magazines, Magazines, Magazines:

Chicago Magazine, Consumer Reports, Country Living:  get these magazines and many more at home or on the road through Zinio, the library's FREE digital magazine service.  We'll show you how.

Video creation:

Get those great memories off of your VHS tapes and onto new DVDs you can really enjoy.

Does your organization want to make a short movie?  We can provide expert help.

Make a memory:

Interview and record a family member.  Fifty years from now you'll be glad you did!

Google Docs:

Share and edit your organization's minutes online.  It's easy and efficient.

Genealogy 101:

We'll get you started on a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

New Classics: The New Generation of Quality Literature for Children

Which current children's books will stand the test of time? Explore our best guesses and predictions of which books children will still be reading generations from now.  Contact Aly Prchal, head of Youth Services, aprchal@balibrary.org or 847-382-1300 x 6000.