Lines, Arnett C. A History of Barrington, Illinois.

Village of Barrington

Photos of Baker's Lake

Photos of Citizens Park

Photos of Crabtree Nature Center

Photo of Cuba Marsh

Photo of Ron Beese Park




Click on the red markers on the map to see historical Barrington home and business photos from the Barrington Area Library's local history archives. These photos of the Barrington area and its homes were taken by Paul Thompson. Use this link to see the full map on Google, with a list of included addresses. Use the + and - controls to zoom in or out.

Building Codes

A list of building codes used by the Village of Barrington.

Village Records, 1884-1901, 1902, 1910, 1926, 1928, 1930-1933, 1940-1942

Village Records

Village of Barrington Meeting Minutes 1960-

Historical Minutes

Infiltration/Inflow Analysis Engineer's Report January, 1974