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We were so glad to have such a good turn-out for the light painting program. It was a lot of fun for everyone and the results were truly one of a kind! To see the full catalog of pictures for each group, click on the links below.

To start the program, each group was given a digital camera and flashlights. The groups then used the equipment to create awesome, original artwork, with no special effects added. The way to achieve the unique effects is to find a dark room, put a digital camera into manual mode, change the shutter speed to 15 seconds, and use bright flashlights with focused light to "paint" in the air. It's that easy! Try out light painting at home and make sure to share your photos with the librarians!

More details about light painting and other cool projects can be found on the Exploratorium's blog.

Session I

Alisa, Dylan, and Savannah

Andrew and Jack Part I

Andrew and Jack Part II

Devin, Josephina, and Max Part I

Devin, Josephina, and Max Part II

Erin, Grace, and Olivia Part I

Erin, Grace, and Olivia Part II

Session II

Abby, Sai, and Cooper Part I

Abby, Sai, and Cooper Part II

Alex, Emily, and Nadia Part I

Alex, Emily, and Nadia Part II

Caroline, George, Sophia, and Sarah Part I

Caroline, George, Sophia, and Sarah Part II

Molly and Tallulah Part I

Molly and Tallulah Part II

Toontastic was a great way to kick off the tech programs for the Summer Library Club! The free iPad app is a wonderful tool to introduce children to story arcs as the program offers different scenes like setup, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution. Kids used Toontastic to pick a setting, characters, music, and narrate a story. Click on the links below to watch the animated stories. Enjoy!




The Battle

Space Dudes

The Challenge

Life in The Ocean


The Sea


Friends (Pirate Friends)

The Princess and the Pony

Princess Friendship


Princess's Horse



We love to share stories at the library, but we also love to make up our own. Toontastic is an app that allows kids to author their own stories, while teaching them how to follow a traditional story arc. The app works with the iPad, iPad Mini, and iPhone. Download by pressing:

Download Toontastic App

Below are the stories made in our latest program.



Horse Gone Missing


Last week, we hosted another fantastic LEGO Mindstorms program. This time, it was up to the builders to decide what they were going to do. Each group was given a simple base model to start with and told to let their creativity take over. We didn't know what to expect, but were amazed when each group came up with a completely different robot. It was truly impressive to witness the creativity and smarts it took to design and program the robots. Great job to all who participated!

Watch the video below to catch a glimpse of the fun, and keep an eye out for our next Mindstorms program.


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