March 21, 2012 - Alert for all business users of ReferenceUSA: the database providers will be hosting a series of webinars on searching, job hunting, business development, and map functionality.

If you've never used ReferenceUSA, this is a great time to learn how. If you are a regular user, pick up some new tips!

Click on the link below to register.

Title: Search Essentials: the 4 things you need to know

Day/Date: Fridays (13 April - 29 June)

Time: 11:00 AM Central (1 hour)

Designed for the patron new to using ReferenceUSA; this hour-long session will cover all the basics of getting started with ReferenceUSA.  The training will cover the Four Essentials anyone, particularly anyone new to ReferenceUSA, would want to know in order to be successful using the resource.  This is also a great opportunity for current users to learn some new tips, tricks and techniques.

Lots of time will be reserved at the end of the session for questions.

Attendees will need an internet connection and a phone line to participate.

To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below:

ReferenceUSA Search Essentials

Due to scheduling conflicts, some dates and times may not be available.