Located on the first floor in the Business & Technology Center, the MakerLab gives Barrington Area Library cardholders access to a variety of cutting edge tools including 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC machine, and vinyl cutter. The MakerLab also features MakerKits for a range of age levels and technical abilities. There is something for everyone, so stop in today and make something at your library!

MakerLab is open to Barrington Area Library cardholders

• Children ages 8 and younger must be accompanied by an adult, 16 or older, at all times

• No food or beverage is allowed in the MakerLab

• Room capacity: 8


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3D Printer

Download a 3D File: Thingiverse

Design a 3D File: Tinkercad

Submit a 3D File: Fill Out This Form

Barrington Area Library cardholders may use the 3D printers at a cost of $.10 per gram of filament. The maximum file size of an object is 5.7" x 5.7" x 5.7" and the maximum print time must be less than 6 hours. After the print is complete, staff will notify you and ask you to please pick up the print within the next 7 days from the Business and Technology desk, on the first floor. The Barrington Area Library will not print weapons or look alike weapons.

Accepted File Format: Stl, Obj, Scad



Schedule an appointment to use Carvey

Barrington Area Library cardholders may use the Carvey to etch and cut out wood during a one on one appointment or during Carvey programs. We have 1/8" 3.5" x 5.5" bamboo and baltic birch woods available to purchase. If you would like us to consider your new, custom material, please e-mail us.

Accepted File Formats: Design is done in a web-based software, Easel. Some .svg files can be imported into Easel.

Heat Press

Barrington Area Library cardholders may use the heat press machine to adhere heat transfer material to a variety of fabrics. The Library has heat transfer material available for purchase, and the Digital Services team can help you to get started via a 1:1 appointment, or you can use the machine by speaking to a staff member at the Business and Technology desk and following these instructions: Heat Press Machine Instructions

Laser Cutter

Schedule an appointment to use the laser cutter 

For safety, if any material is questionable or unknown to staff, we will not attempt to cut it for any reason. If you have questions about materials, please contact Digital Services staff.

The Epilog Mini is able to etch & cut wood up to 12" x 24" & will be used in library programs or by appointment.
To view upcoming programs, please visit our Events Calendar.

Accepted File Formats: .svg is the most common format, but we can work with a variety of vector graphic files used in software such as Corel Draw, Inkscape, or Adobe Illustrator.

Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine

The Cameo is a versatile cutting machine that uses software to cut intricate shapes, stencils, patterns, & designs on a variety of materials including adhesive vinyl & cardstock. Barrington Area Library cardholders may bring in & cut their own approved materials.

Materials available in MakerLab: Adhesive vinyl, transfer paper, scrapbook paper, and heat transfer material.

Accepted File Formats: STUDIO3, STUDIO, GSD, DXF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF


3D Printer Getting Started Videos 
Download a 3D file from Thingiverse   (VIDEO)
Create a 3D file using Tinkercad (VIDEO) or (PDF)

Heat Press
Step by step instructions to use the heat press


Make it! 3D Hand Tinkercad for Beginners (VIDEO)

Carvey Examples

Make it! HOME Make it! Desk Organizer

Laser Cutter Examples

Make it! Notebook

Make it!

Cell Phone Stand (Original)
Cell Phone Stand (Large)

Make it! Etched Glass


Silhouette Cameo Examples

Make it! Pop-up Card Silhouette Studio Basics (VIDEO)


Materials and Cost

3D Printing

PLA - $.10 per gram of filament

7.75" x 11.75" x .125" Baltic Birch Plywood - $5.00
7.75" x 11.75" x .50"  Birch Plywood - $4.00

Laser Cutter

Pub Glass - $1.00

Must purchase full sheet

8.5" x 11" Chipboard - $.10

6" x 12" Hard Maple - $4.00

6" x 12" Walnut - $5.00

6" x 12" Cherry: $6.00

7.75" x 11.75" Baltic Birch Plywood - $5.00 

Must purchase half sheet or full sheet of 12" x 24" material

12" x 24" Hard Maple - $19.00

12" x 24" Walnut - $21.00

12" x 24" Cherry - $21.00


12" x 12" adhesive vinyl (sticker paper) - $1.00
12" x 12" transfer paper - $1.00
10" x 12" heat transfer vinyl - $1.50
8.5" x 11" cardstock - $.10


MakerKits are a great way to begin tinkering in the MakerLab & feature hardware to support a range of technical abilities. Kits can be checked out by Barrington Area Library cardholders for two hours, for use in the MakerLab. Please note that a parent or responsible caregiver (age 16 or older) must accompany and directly supervise children age 8 and younger.


Make in MakerLab - LED Circuits
Getting Started Guide - Arduino

Ages 10+


Make in MakerLab - Build GRIPP3R
Getting Started Guide - EV3

Ages 10+


Make in MakerLab - WeDo Animals
Getting Started Guide - WeDo

Ages 8+


Make in MakerLab - Waving flag
Getting Started Guide - littleBits

Ages 8+

Makey Makey

Make in MakerLab - Game controller
Geting Started Guide - Makey Makey

Ages 8+


Make in MakerLab - Bridge
Getting Started Guide - Strawbees

Ages 8+


MakerLab has laptop computers with the following software:

Corel Draw

Microsoft Office
Retina Engrave
Silhouette Studio