November 5, 2012 - Excel is one software program that many people can’t quite seem to escape at the office. It’s unique, however, in its capability to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data, create lists, charts, and graphics. If you aren’t maximizing Excel’s capabilities, check out some of these free training resources below. And if you have a go-to Excel resource, please let us know about it in the comments!

Atomic Learning video tutorials, available through the Barrington Area Library

Short videos on a wide range of topics allow users to start learning the basics, or skip to more advanced techniques as needed. Login with your Barrington Area Library card.

Books 24x7, available through the Barrington Area Library

Always available, read-on-your-computer ebooks. Do a quick search for “excel” to pull up a list of titles. Includes: Excel 2010 Programming with VBA, Microsoft Excel 2010 Programming by Example: with VBA, XML, and ASP, PowerPivot for Business Intelligence using Excel and Sharepoint, and many more. Login with your Barrington Area Library card.

Microsoft Excel Training from

Go straight to the source and check out Microsoft’s tips and tricks. There are tutorials for Excel 2013 if you want a sneak peek at some of the new tools in the latest version. Training sessions for Excel 2007 and 2010 are also available here


The basics of Excel 2010, plus an app for iPhones and Android phones! Tutorials also cover some extras, such as sparklines, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and what-if analysis


Search for “microsoft excel”. YouTube is packed with Excel tutorials, like this one that covers introductory data analysis. It’s another resource that can help you quickly look up specific question or issues or else just get a free overview via videos created by helpful Excel users.