South side of Algonquin Road (Route 62), 1/2 mile east of Bateman Road, Barrington Hills. Barrington Township, Cook County, Illinois. Maintained by Barrington Township. Entry through the locked gate on Route 62 may be obtained by calling the Barrington Township office at (847)381-5632. This cemetery is closed for burials.


Transcription, Arnett C. Lines, 1931, 1963; Cathy Trawinski, 1998.

Geo. Jackson had the cemetery records. -Arnett C. Lines

Smith, Henry
Died, 1/28/1886; 74 yr.

Sally Ann, wf. of "
Died, 1850; 39 yr.

Nancy, wf. of "
Died, 11/30/1899; 68 yr.

5 sons & 1 dau.-infants

Hoskins, Nehemiah,
Died, 9/8/1872; 85 yr.

Haight, Mary D.,
Born, 1822; Died, 1906

Haight, Lewis,
Died, 9/9/1872; 60 yr.

Jackson, Robert, Bro. To Geo. Sr. & father to Vet. Uncle to Geo. M.
Died, 4/1/1882; 74 yr

Died, 1902; 90 yr.

Jas. K. P., sons

Jackson, Wm. J. ("Jap")
Born, 7/27/1841; Died, 8/7/1921

Jackson, Sylvester C., "Vet" a dwarf. Lived across road from his cousin Geo. M. Brother to "Jap."
Born, 10/10/1832; Died, 8/1921

Twins of N. Kugeh

Dworak, Dorothea, wf. of Chas. Dworak

Died, 12/18/1869; 45 yr. (Charles)

Slag, Josef

Children of A & T. Dworak

Adamek, John
Died, 1873; 66 yr.

Forn, John,
Died, 3/8/1912; 63 yr.

Forn, Frank,
Born, 12/15/1815; Died, 5/28/1893

Forn, Francis,
Born, 2/14/1816; Died, 1890

Forn, Andrew,
Born, 1851; Died, 1930

Leonora, daughter of F.A. and C.A. Cady
Died, 1877; 64 yr.

Wolaver, Giles,
Born, 1837; Died, 1908

Wolaver, Eliza, wf. of Wm. Goodson
Died, 1864; 63 yr.

Horace R.D., son of W.B. and Lydia Freeman
Died, 3/10/1863, at Memphis Tenn., in defense of his country
22 yr., 3 mo., 21 d.

Freeman, Wm. B.,
Died, 1/13/1881; 72 yr., 6 mo.

Freeman, Lydia, his wife
Died, 1856; 41 yr.

Hubbard, D. Whitford,
Born, 1818; Died, 1877

Hubbard Sarah, his wf.
Born, 1822; Died, 1894

Hubbard, Winslow, Theodotia, Selon, Betsy, Chas.(1859-1871), Margette E. (1861-62), Zilpha, DY

Miller, John D,
Died 10/10/1874

Merwin, Theo., grandparents of Geo. Marion Jackson , west end of B.
Born, 1768; Died, 1852; 84 yr.

Merwin, Ann, wf. of "
Born, 3/30/1777; Died, 8/18/1855

Helm, Otto, 2 children of C.F. Helm

Seeber, Mary A., wf. of S. Seeber,
Died, 1855

Lindgron, Lydia E., dau. Of W.S. & M.D. Freeman
Born, 1885; Died, 1903


Jackson, George M., painted on a common field stone
Born, 1840; Died, 1943

Freeman, Thos., son of J.G. Freeman

Smith, Henry,
Died, 1899; 68 yr.

Matilde, wife of R.F. Carly
Died, 1854

Helm, Fred,
Born, 2/9/1804; Died, 2/7/1874

Helm, Chas. F.,
Born, 10/2/1844; Died, 6/12/1934

Helm, Otto,
Born, 11/1/1801; Died, 12/2/1858

Helm, Otto, son of C.F.
Born, 7/20/1880; Died, 9/1/1880

Helm,Frances, dau. Of G.E. Helm

Helm, Minnie S., mother
Born, 6/12/1891; Died, 2/20/1937

Helm, Geo. E., father
Born, 7/25/1892 died 1/02/1956

Janak, John,

Kanka, John,
Died, 1904; 74 yr.

Braga, Curtis,
Died, 1854

Braga, George M.,
Died, 1854

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