This is 403 S. Hough St. Nellie Berghorn, who was a registered nurse, operated a hospital here, opening in 1928. She was a sister to Wilbur Berghorn, who farmed on Honey Lake Rd. and Route 22. Another brother was from Lake Zurich, Bennie and 2 sisters were out of state. Nellie never married. This photo and information courtesy of Mr. Paul Thompson.

Did you know the library has a collection of yearbooks from Barrington High School dating back to 1939? While our collection is fairly complete, we are always looking for our missing volumes. Would anyone have a BHS yearbook from 1952, 1978, 2013 or 2016? If so, please contact Kate at the library:

Philetus Beverly was one of the early settlers in Cuba Township. Here he is pictured with his wife, Lovisa Mix Beverly, having been married for 68 years.

It's Eclipse Day! This photo was taken on Northwestern University's Evanston campus in February, 1979 by area resident Paul Foszcz. Mr. Foszcz was able to scan his negative using the equipment in our Studio 1. Thank you Paul, for sharing it with us today!

Hello family history detectives. Do you know this family and where this house is? We believe the bottom of the photo says 1898 Barrington. There is also very faint writing at the top which looks like Q something g or y followed by Mary's or Nancy's. If you can help us identify them, please contact Kate at the library:

Calling all Barrington Grimm family members! Do you know this lovely lady? A quick search of Ancestry Library Edition reveals that there were Grimms in the Barrington area beginning in the 1890s. If you can help us identify her, please contact Kate at the library:

Barrington's Independence Day celebrations have always been a special occasion, then and now. Here's a photo of a past 4th of July parade with a float from the Washington School.

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